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Pour nos amis de Grande Bretagne



Magdala has been approved by the French Agency of the European Youth in Action
Programme (which depends on the INJEP, National Institute for Youth and Popular Education,
part of the Ministry of Youth and Sports) to work with European volunteers. Other forms of
volunteer work are possible in France. French citizens may work as civilian volunteers for
, as a part of the European Voluntary Service (SVE).

To coordinate voluntary work for Magdala, we have selected the ICE organization
(Christian Initiative for Europe) based at Niederbroon-les-Bains, near Strasbourg

ICE deals with the recruitment of young people and their training over a 3 week
period before they start work (language, discovery of the realities of French life, their work
place, etc.). ICE also undertakes follow up work with them during their period as volunteers
by organizing group get-togethers which enables them to meet other volunteers, to share their
different experiences of volunteering, to give meaning to this voluntary work …

Volunteers are accommodated at one of the Magdala live-in centers, where they
will have the opportunity to discover and share life in a community with people whose lives
lack security. They will take part in welcoming people and will be given various missions
to ensure that day to day living is maintained. Their talents (music, painting, I.T. skills etc.)
will be used in daily life and also for Magdala in its entirety.

French volunteers may as well live in one of Magdala’s live-in centers, if they
wish to do so.

Some European volunteers five their testimony
“Like many young people, I took my school leaving exams and I could have started my higher education studies immediately. But I am convinced that it is not possible to get any satisfaction out of living one’s life if one exists only for one’s self. So I asked myself a question : Which is the more important and more valuable experience ? Spending a year on one’s studies or giving a little of one’s self to other people ? So I decided to take part in a social project – no matter which. And as I like France and the French language very much, I tried also to carry out this service in our neighboring country in Europe. I came without knowing what would be waiting for me. Today, I can state that, through listening to people at Magdala, through seeing what has happened to them, you learn that life is hard, often injust and often without pity. But while living with them, you learn from their wisdom and notice each day the pleasure they can get out of life, in spite of everything. Luckily associations such as Magdala exist to facilitate a better, perhaps even a new life. It is not always easy, but I am having many precious experiences here, from which I will benefit for a long time”

Becoming a voluntary worker

We are looking for people for :

Magdala Sundays (once a month in Lille, rue Colmar) :
-Animate a children group
-Animation through music
-Help in the kitchen

Have contact with poor people :
-By taking part in receiving those wanting accommodation (called frats) being present
at evening venues each month, some weekends or by day helping those arriving to
settle in.
-Receiving someone at home for a day or a week end (it’s your choice)
-Be present to welcome people at day reception center in Lille, rue des Sarrazins.
-Help with clothes distribution for those most in need, rue des Sarrazins.

Animate a day work group :
-Cooking, pottery, woodwork, handiwork, in Lille or in Faches-Thumesnil
-Computer assistance
-Bookkeeping, secretarial
-Day reception telephone duty, rue des Sarrazins.
-Help with repairs in centers or in homes of people rehoused by Magdala.

Accompany groups :
-On outings a cultural visits in order to become familiar with art and culture.
-On visits to those rehoused by Magdala in nearby areas.
-To ensure a decent burial for those without friends or family, in Lille.
-Help with periodic celebrations.
-Building work, gardening, upkeep, relocations and markets/festivals (e.g. : the

September “Braderie” in Lille)

Being part of a frat
“It was suggested that I give my support to a person rehoused in individual accommodation.
This for me was a sign of confidence and joy and still is. With the aid of the Magdala Social
Worker, we are a small group having mutual understanding. With the person I support we
have chosen our rhythm of meeting people and we respect each other a lot. Besides the
pleasure of being together, we have chatted a lot, painted the walls where he lives etc. This
relationship has enriched both of us”C.

All this is possible while keeping one’s activity or taking a gap year, doing
voluntary work or European voluntary work etc.

Being part of a “frat” (a place to live) for a year or more, means living with the poorest
and others who have come to join them, sharing meals, services, being really listen, being
available, deciding together, praying together (for those who wish).

Taking part in the life of the “frat” with those who live there.

“If you believe that he is your brother, your sister, then everything can change …
Whoever you are, retired, student, employed, single or a couple, if you wish to do
something with us for a more fraternal world, contact us and come and see us”

Tel : 03 20 57 29 62